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Salubrious Destiny was founded due to my Love of Crystals and Healing.  The alchemy of fusing water molecules with the power of the Crystals' metaphysical properties only seemed logical.  Therefore implementing a meditation process starting with 100% cotton watercolor paper, crystal elixirs as the water source for the watercolor paint, Crystal Grids set with intention on specific healing, the Sun's energy to dry them, the Full Moon to charge and activate them, and finished with Sound Frequency absorption from Tibetan Singing Bowls. 
Earth Element, Water Element, and Air Element represented and all made with Love.   
As I continue on this path of Transcendent Sanative Enlightenment, my Gifts continue to unfold.  So don't be surprised if All Things Spiritual makes an appearance one way or another on here.  This website will be ever evolving.  Currently I am being guided to offer Tarot Readings remotely via video chat as well as continuing in person. Please note, that part of the website is currently under construction. So just message me to book a Reading.
Love and Light, Judith Taybee.

Home: About Us
  • Messages from Your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides & The Universe

    64.88 US dollars
  • I will pull 1 card and clarify it. 5 minutes session.

    5.55 US dollars

  • 75 US dollars
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